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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Physicians Eye Center Optical
Physicians Eye Center Optical is a full-service optical shop. It is conveniently located right in the offices of Physicians Eye Center in Bedford Commons, and is an integral part of our practice. Our optical staff and Dr. Glassman are committed to your total satisfaction with any purchase you make at Physicians Eye Center Optical. Our frames are fully guaranteed for one year (some of them for two years), and adjustments and minor repairs are free.

Some additional reasons you may wish to consider purchasing your eyeglasses at Physicians Eye Center Optical:

Our optician, Elisabeth Paris, is CERTIFIED by the American Board of Opticianry. Even though such certification is now required by the State of New Hampshire, this frequently, still is NOT the case in many optical shops. At Physicians Eye Center Optical, this certification has ALWAYS been required by Dr. Glassman, to help assure that our optician has the knowledge and skill to assist you in the selection of frames, lenses and lens options, to properly construct your eyeglasses (more on this later), and to comfortably fit your eyeglasses on your face.

PRICES: We make every attempt to assure that our prices are very competitive with our competition. We offer eyeglasses in a wide range of prices to appeal to a wide range of budgets.

DISCOUNTS: We now offer a 20% discount on complete pairs of eyeglasses to patients with Anthem/Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Matthew Thornton Health Plan, Cigna/Healthsource, and Integrated Eye Care insurance. We also offer a 20% discount on additional complete pairs of eyeglasses purchased by you, or for members of your immediate family within 30 days of the purchase of the first complete pair. (Discount offers cannot be combined).

SELECTION: On display, you will find an ever-changing inventory of over 700 frames representing a full spectrum of popular, up-to-date, fashionable styles. Even more styles can be selected from our catalogs, and ordered (with no obligation on your part) for you to see and try on.
Lenses today have gone high tech. Available at Physicians Eye Center Optical, are all sorts of options including: High index - thinner and lighter lenses, Transitions lenses that darken with exposure to sunlight, progressive (no-line bifocal) lenses including the newest ones for today's smaller frame styles, sunglass, mirrored, and fashion tinted lenses, polarized lenses, scratch-resistant lenses, plastic, glass and polycarbonate (shatter-resistant, safety and sport) lenses. Our optician is an expert and will assist you in narrowing down all these choices to help you select products that are right for you.

QUALITY: Frames: Like all other consumer products, frames come in a wide spectrum of qualities...from the finish on a frame, to the hinges on the frame, to the very material of the frame. Even frames that when new, look essentially the same, may in fact vary markedly in quality and useful lifespan.
Lenses: Even lenses can vary widely in quality...from the scratch resistance of a single vision lens, to the usable area of a high tech progressive (no-line bifocal) lens. Just looking AT them, they all look the same. The difference is in looking THROUGH them!

At Physicians Eye Center Optical, our philosophy is to offer only high and highest quality frames and lenses that offer you durability, comfort, and longevity.....Unlike the bargain shops, we do NOT offer any low quality products. (NOTE: Many optical plans will steer you to those very shops)!!

CONSTRUCTION: Here's where the optician comes in again: Putting glasses together is not as simple as it may seem. Your eyeglasses will only be as good as the person carefully measuring you for them and cutting the lenses to shape. Our optician is board certified and our equipment is state-of-the-art. WE GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION!

By the way, you don't have to be one of our patients to purchase products at Physicians Eye Center Optical. WE WELCOME THE GENERAL PUBLIC!

LASIK - Laser Vision Correction

Perhaps you have heard or seen the media offerings regarding Laser Vision Correction (of which LASIK is the most advanced form) and wondered what it's all about and whether it has relevance to you.

We're here to help you answer that question.

Laser Vision Correction is a revolutionary procedure that employs an extremely high-tech laser that is computer-driven, to microscopically reshape the cornea (the front surface of the eye) in such a way as to dramatically reduce, and in most cases eliminate, a person's dependence on glasses or contact lenses. This procedure achieves this by reducing or eliminating nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism (types of eye focusing errors). With these errors reduced or eliminated, most patients experience a reduced or eliminated dependence on glasses or contact lenses that previously, they could only dream about.... Think for a moment about what it would be like to function well without your glasses or contact lenses! World-wide, over three million people have had, and enjoy, the benefits of some form of Laser Vision Correction.

To help make this procedure available in New Hampshire, Dr. Glassman underwent special formal training and credentialing in the performance of these procedures, and undergoes periodic training updates as well to keep abreast of the latest technologies. As early as 1992,he also was a clinical investigator for the VISX Corporation who developed the special laser currently used for this procedure. Most recently, he underwent further training to enable him to offer Visx's latest CustomVue Individualized Laser Vison Correction to his patients. Dr. Glassman has been performing ophthalmic microsurgery and lasers for 24 years.

To further assist you in learning about this revolutionary procedure and whether you might be a candidate, we conduct free laser vision correction screenings at our office in Bedford Commons. Much information about LASIK is presented to you at these screenings and there is ample opportunity for you to ask questions. You may also have an opportunity to talk to our chief optician, Janet, who enjoys the benefits of laser vision correction performed by Dr. Glassman.

If either you, a friend, or relative would like to learn more about Laser Vision Correction, we invite you to call Physicians Eye Center at (603)-668-3772 to schedule an appointment for a FREE screening and information session.

If you are already knowledgeable about the procedure and wish to bypass the free screening and proceed further, you may call our office to schedule a consultation exam with Dr. Glassman.

We look forward to seeing you....and to having you see us!